Benefits of Lambswool in the Home

Lambswools naturally innovative properties make it a great choice for interiors.  This year we introduced a new home accessories collection of cushions and throws made from 100% Scottish Lambswool.  Take a closer look at the benefits of lambswool in our we love lambswool blog.

With even more benefits to using wool in the home, brings even more reasons to love lambswool.

Wool’s is naturally flame resistant thanks to it’s built-in chemical structure.  Temperatures must reach about 500*C before it will ignite and even when it does due to high levels of nitrogen naturally found in wool it will often self extinguish.  Unlike synthetic materials, wool will also never melt which with synthetic materials can be very harmful.

With wool able to absorb 33% of it’s own weigh before it starts to feel damp it can be a great choice of material for areas of high humidity.  Add to this the ability to bind to some pollutants and odours wool can improve further help improve ambient air.
As previously looked at in relation to the benefits of lambswool, it’s naturally insulating properties helps keep us cosy in winter months without overheating due to natural breathable properties.  This helps to regulate our temperatures in colder and even warmer months.

A strong yet soft fibre when cared for properly can last a lifetime which also maintains its ‘new’ appearance for longer.  With stain resistance properties thanks to the natural oil in the wool, dirt sits on the surface of the material making it easier to clean.

See the new home accessories collection here & shop the new collection here.



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