• Mixter Maxter Logo Caring for your Lambswool

    We recommend that your Mixter Maxter Knitwear is gently washed after being worn three or four times.  Lambswool knitwear can be hand-washed or dry cleaned.  We recommend hand-washing, following these simple guidelines: 1. Your Mixter Maxter Knitwear should be hand washed in lukewarm water (35 Degrees C) using wool shampoo or a similar type of […]

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  • Pet Competition

    Santa’s busiest time of year is getting closer & he needs your help. To launch our latest collection of Limited Edition Christmas Scarves we are recruiting all the help we can for Santa this year. Simply take a photo of your pet in one of our twist scarves with Reindeer Antlers or a Rudolph Red nose […]

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  • Kids Competition: ‘Design a Scarf’ Entries

    To launch our brand new collection of kids accessories we thought it would be fun to ask the next generation of designers to ‘Design us a scarf’. Overwhelmed by the incredible response, we wanted to share the fun creativity of our Kids competition with you. Mixter Maxter Kids collection available now Here are the entries - Click on [...] Continue Reading
  • Kids Competition Kids Competition

    To launch our brand new collection of kids accessories we want you to design us a scarf. Simply collect a design sheet from The Studio Shop in Kirkwall, or if you can’t make it past the shop you can download the sheet here on the Mixter Maxter blog. Using the template provided design a scarf […]

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  • Introducing Mixter Maxter

    We would like to introduce our new sister brand Mixter Maxter which is a rebrand of our popular KS knitwear collection.  After splitting the collections last year to allow them their freedom to grow in different directions we have decided to rebrand the KS Knit collection further to Mixter Maxter. Mixter Maxter is a Scottish word meaning […]

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  • Moodboard Pier Arts Centre Exhibition – Form & Function – Eight Orkney Makers

    ‘Form & Function – Eight Orkney Makers’ is on show at the PAC, however in addition to visiting the beautiful exhibition we wanted to bring the exhibition to those who can’t visit it as well as a bit more interpretation about why we choose what to exhibit.   At KS HQ, one common feature in […]

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  • Behind the scenes at the Pier Arts Centre Exhibition – Form & Function – Eight Orkney Makers

    Here at KS HQ we were honoured to be invited to take part in the current exhibition – ‘Form & Function – Eight Orkney Makers’ at the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness. A treasure trove of art and a beautiful gallery space itself, the Pier Arts Centre is a place of continual inspiration and community […]

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  • Craftsmanship behind our Mixter Maxter collection

    The Mixter Maxter knit line uses bold graphic patterns in bright colour ways to add creativity & colour to our everyday lives.  Living in one of Scotland’s Northern Archipelagoes, we know how essential this knitwear is and how functional it needs to be, especially in the cold and wild weather the winter months bring.  We also […]

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  • Lambswool Why we love Lambswool

    We use 100% Scottish Lambswool in our KS knit line and it's not only chosen for it's locality.  With our love for the outdoors, whether it's hiking a mountain or going a horse ride, warming up after a surf to keeping cosy after a mountain bike ride we find the benefits of using Lambswool essential in ensuring our knitwear does its [...] Continue Reading
  • Iceland

    This September I was over the moon to have the opportunity to visit somewhere that had been on my wish list for some time – Iceland. Not only was I keen to experience the extreme landscape, the culture and try the food and drink but I was also interested to find out more about the traditional knitwear.

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