Caring for your lambswool accessories

Our knitted accessories collections are created using 100% Scottish lambswool which is chosen for it’s naturally innovative properties to make functional products without compromising on your style or impacting heavily on the environment.  When cared for properly, our lambswool accessories will last a very long time.

Below we have put together our top tips to care for your lambswool accessories using our all in one wash, which is delicate enough to be used to care for all your lambswool & cashmere accessories and even to wash your hair & skin too.

Caring for you lambswool accessory instructions.
You will need – A delicate wool wash, we use Mixter Maxter all in one wash, luke warm water, towel, your lambswool accessory.
Step 1 – Put a couple of drops of all in one wool wash in the luke warm water & mix in well!
Step 2 – Soak accessory thoroughly in the water.  Gently rub and move the accessory to make sure the water is well distributed.  Once you have thoroughly washed the accessory in the wool wash then rise out soapy water and remove from the water.
Step 3 – Get a new bath of clean, luke warm water that doesn’t contain the all in one wash.  Soak accessory thoroughly in the clean water & gently rub to remove all soapy water.  Once you have throughly rinsed the soapy water out, ring out the excess water so the accessory is not dripping wet, and repeat as is necessary until all delicate wool wash is removed from the accessory.
Step 4 – Open up the towel to sandwich the accessory in between.  Begin gradually rolling up the towel with the accessory inside, squeeze the towel as you go to get rid of any excess water that the accessory soaked up.
Step 5 – Unroll and leave to air dry flat.


Please note we always recommend following the care instructions on the label of each individual product.

We also recommend keeping all knitwear out of strong or direct sunlight.

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