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  • A closer look at Colour

    Taking the colours from our inspirational images, the next step is to apply these to our designs but let’s start by taking a journey into the history of colour and looking closer at some of our most commonly used colours in our collections. Colour originated when humans started to use pigments as an alternative to […]

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  • Mixter Maxter Pompom Social Product Launch

    This coming winter designer Kirsteen Stewart launches a new product range, after working together with local WRI groups to create a collection of accessories. The proceeds from which will go towards supporting elderly people in the community through Age Scotland Orkney. Through her newest brand, Mixter Maxter Knitwear, fashion designer Kirsteen Stewart has been working […]

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  • Peedie Me

    Mixter Maxter twists and headbands for your Peedie Me. Peedie – Orcadian word for small If you would like any of our knitwear in a smaller size for your children, so your Mixter Maxter knitwear can match all you have to do is get in touch with your request. We created our new kids collection with […]

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  • Orkney words –

    On our Northern Archipelago of Orkney, Scots is the language which is spoken, however some of our words & dialect are unique to our islands.  It’s similar in many parts to our neighbouring islands of Shetland, but not quite the same.  The language spoken on Orkney is called Orcadian. Norse was spoken in Orkney when […]

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  • Pom-pom social party with Age Scotland Orkney

    Last week we piloted our latest charity collaboration with Age Scotland Orkney – our first Pom-Pom social Party.  Always keen to support and work with local charities, this year we wanted to help with more than a donation of money by volunteering our time and providing a social opportunity for those who also wanted to volunteer theirs.  We […]

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  • Functional design for the everyday

    Looking beyond the colour and patterns found in our knitwear, the raw materials used to create them and the people who put these together, our products have a practical element where they enable you to enjoy the outdoors & an active lifestyle without comprising on style or the environment.  Don’t just take our word for […]

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  • Why we also love Cashmere

    Cashmere is warmer than lambswool but shares many of the same qualities.  It’s lightweight, breathable, hydrophobic, insulating, odour resistant and seriously soft to the touch.  So soft, we liken it to being wrapped in a marshmallow, it’s the softest material to wear next to your skin especially more delicate areas such as the chin and […]

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  • We love lambswool and here is why

    I know this may sound obvious, but we LOVE lambswool!  It’s hard not too!  This naturally innovative material has been around for centuries and is still renowned for it’s warmth, flexibility and strength.  Proven historically through it’s functionality with fishermen and mountaineers to the continued wear today especially amongst those in extreme sports. Expanding on our […]

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  • Who made my clothes?

    At Mix Max HQ, we believe in full transparency within our brand, we have expanded on our ‘Craftsmanship behind our Mixter Maxter Collection’ blog & film from last year to show your more details behind our collections. Starting on the Northern Archipelagoes of Orkney where we are based & where the majority of our knitwear […]

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  • Kids Competition: ‘Design a Scarf’ Entries

    To launch our brand new collection of kids accessories we thought it would be fun to ask the next generation of designers to ‘Design us a scarf’. Overwhelmed by the incredible response, we wanted to share the fun creativity of our Kids competition with you. Mixter Maxter Kids collection available now Here are the entries - Click on [...] Continue Reading