Clutter Or Creativity?

We wanted to take you through how we like to work while in the studio, so here is a little insight into what we do and how we design our knitwear.



 “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Albert Einstein.
We don’t pretend to be tidy here in the studio. We like to be creative and for us that means sometimes we get a little bit messy, weather we are finger painting, drawing or even just doodling while doing something else.  This creative release is something we find very therapeutic and cathartic.

Some of these small doodles can influence the work that we take forward and produce into knitwear. They slowly make their way into our designs by influencing our shapes and patterns. This is a direct response from our imagination that we take into our designs, we find this such a good way of putting our stamp onto our knitwear.

You can often find us doodling strange shapes that don’t really relate to anything but that’s what we feel like we need to get out of our minds. I feel that we as creatives do this to convey the ideas we have in our mind or just simply to clear our head. This release of things can help free up the creative juices that we have and this usually leads to something exciting.

Once were inspired by a shape or pattern it quickly moves onto how we want to translate it into one of our designs. Sometimes we draw Interesting or complicated shapes these can sometimes be difficult to translate into a knitting pattern however, we usually manage to get it done in the end. Luckily, we have some of the most talented knitters on our side to help us realise our designs. There isn’t usually anything that is too complicated for them to do its Fantastic.  After this stage its onto sampling and colouring, personally I love getting to choose our colour ways.

once we have sampled and are happy with them we then produce them into the knitwear that we love. These are if you hadn’t noticed some sneak previews of what we have been working on this summer so far, keep an eye out to see if they get produced. keep a close eye on our instagram and Facebook to see some sneak peaks.

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