There is a serious love of colour here at the Mixter Maxter studio and we are always looking for new ways to add colour to your everyday lives.  Earlier this year we looked at the inspiration behind our collections for Fashion Revolution week to share more transparency behind what we do and who makes our collections, however we neglected to look at the one aspect of our landscape that is central to our inspiration.  COLOUR!

Living and working on Orkney, we are surrounded by so much natural beauty however many people have mentioned that our designs aren’t the typical colours found in our natural landscape.  There are neutral palettes & many of our best-sellers are our monochrome designs.  But look at our complete collection range and pops of colour appear everywhere from cuff details of garments to playful colour combinations creating striking accessories.  Where do we find the inspiration for these colours?

Our surrounding landscape isn’t limited to natural tones and a neutral colour palette, living in the Northern Hemisphere our surrounding environment is filled with bright colours.  From Aurora Borealis to the deliberate mess we leave within the landscape.  From fishing nets, to the man-made elements we add, buildings and houses, rust on old metal weathered by our winter storms, colour is everywhere and we are drawn to the bright and the bold!

Here is just a glimpse at how we see those colours.

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