Craftsmanship behind our Mixter Maxter collection

The Mixter Maxter knit line uses bold graphic patterns in bright colour ways to add creativity & colour to our everyday lives.  Living in one of Scotland’s Northern Archipelagoes, we know how essential this knitwear is and how functional it needs to be, especially in the cold and wild weather the winter months bring.  We also draw our inspiration from our local landscape and this experience of island living; from the dramatic open skies, ragged coastlines and ceaseless motion of the seascapes to the graphic lines of maps and the movement of lights seen with frequent travel to the mainland.

Scotland has a rich textile heritage, from woven textiles such as Harris Tweed to the traditional knitwear seen in fisherman’s jumpers to Fair Isle patterns.  The way textiles has been used and made historically greatly influences our products even when we use more contemporary advances in technology, such as patterning programmes.  We are extremely proud to use the traditional techniques of knitting and locally skilled knitters to product our knitwear collection.  The craftsmanship found in this traditional skills is something we find incredibly inspiring.  The knowledge and level of skill is unmatched and the quality of design and product are second to none.  We love the knowledge and understanding that someone has dedicated so much passion and time to their craft in order to be able to deliver this.

– We draw our inspiration from our local landscape and the experience of island living, whether it’s our dramatic open skies to the frequent travel to the mainland and further.

– Working with grid paper, design ideas are sketched out and developed in this linear format.  A number of variations are developed from a similar idea or theme before carefully considering which designs to develop further or take onto sampling.

– Successful design ideas are transferred into a computer programme before being knitted up into a set of small swatches in various colours and patterns.

– From the samples a decision is made to knit up some as a product sample to see how successful they work as an all over design.  Whether it’s a new colour way to an existing pattern or a completely new pattern we look at the collection as a whole and decide which to add in for the next season.


– All the finishing touches to our knitwear collection is done in our studio, from pressing the knitwear, labelling to packaging then we can send it out to all our lovely customers.

– All new knitwear products are photographed as flat images and on a location photoshoot.  Verity then sets up the new files for lookbooks, promotional posters and on the website.

Photography 2


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