Dappled Light: Binscarth

photography from

Martin Turner and Sarah Wiyle

As one of Orkneys few wooded areas, Binscarth is a very special place. Most people will think of Orkney as rugged and wild with a brutal coastal landscape however, there are a few hidden gems. Some of these places are not dramatic cliffs or sandy beaches but in fact they are soft and subtle. Taking a closer look at some of Orkney’s quieter places is a favourite past time of ours at the studio.

Binscarth has always been a special place for me. Growing up in Orkney, woods and forests were not a thing. Orkney’s land is used mainly for farming plus the climate is just too wild. Since woodland is such a rare thing, it was always a treat to go and visit these spots when I was younger. My friends and I used to play on the tree swings that are found dotted around the woods as well as the odd game of hide and seek- it was a lot of fun!

-Martin Turner-

Myself and Sarah decided to go on a trip last Friday, we grabbed our cameras and packed a bag. Our usual adventures are somewhere near the cliffs and sea but decided Binscarth would be a good change. The temperature was hot – and I mean hot! Orkney has been experiencing some amazing weather recently.

-Sarah Wylie-

We snapped photos as we went along while the light was changing. A breeze moved through the trees revealing a beautiful light that glittered between the leaves. The temperature reduced considerably in which I had my jumper and scarf handy – I don’t go anywhere without some knitwear! I wore one of the cashmere scarves – it was incredibly soft, light and breathable which meant I didn’t over heat in the sun.

“The melancholy surroundings of Binscarth woods complimented the patterns of the knitwear. Here in Orkney, the changeable environment makes accessorising for the everyday more challenging. To have stylish and practical pieces that adapt to any season makes the choice almost effortless”
-Sarah Wylie-

We brought along the Kinshy blanket which meant we could sit comfortably on some of the wooden logs. We planned some potential adventures we wanted to do over summer. There is quite a lot of places we want to visit so keep an eye out for more adventures from the Mixter Maxter team.

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