Functional design for the everyday

Looking beyond the colour and patterns found in our knitwear, the raw materials used to create them and the people who put these together, our products have a practical element where they enable you to enjoy the outdoors & an active lifestyle without comprising on style or the environment.  Don’t just take our word for it, our lovely customer have told us how our headbands enable better temperature regulation when hiking in the mountains, keeping your ears cosy without making you overheat and we hear it’s great for longer hairstyles such as ponytails too.  Twist scarves are perfect for throwing on and wearing all day, even at your desks to keep your neck that extra bit warmer when it’s so cold in winter but still professional for your work.  We create our knitwear ranges from either 100% lambswool or 100% cashmere (coming soon) to create functional products without compromising on your style or impacting heavily on the environment.

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