Mixter Maxter at Scotland Redesigned / Hawick Knitwear, Hong Kong

Last December I received the exciting news that Mixter Maxter knitwear was awarded the opportunity to create a collection with Hawick Cashmere.  We also would have the opportunity to show this new collection in Hong Kong.

A whirlwind couple of months followed including visiting Hawick, receiving samples in time for Premiere Classe, Paris and then a move from retail.

Cut to the 22nd March and I am setting up our showroom at Garage Collective alongside 3 fantastic British brands – Cats Brothers, Jennifer Kent and Teatum Jones.

The showroom proved to be a successful first event for us held in Hong Kong, a new and exciting market.  The opening launch event was a great night with people who wanted to try on and  buy our newest designs.  I took that as a good sign.

We also discussed our work and the Hong Kong market with bloggers including the striking Elma Li Conve www.thestyleicious.com


We had very little time to explore this amazing city but managed to fit in a visit to Gucci’s new multi media exhibitions “A Magazine Curated by Alessandro Michele” at PMQ.  As I was looking for new ideas for Pop up spaces and trade show stands this was an inspirational visit at the right on time.

On our last day in Hong Kong we visited the Artwell Cashmere showroom and factory.  I have a lot to thank Artwell for, as they offered the opportunity to work with Hawick through the co-ordination of Scotland Redesigned and Hawick Cashmere.  The Chu family were extremely kind, taking time out of their busy schedule to show us what they could produce in terms of techniques.  Artwell produce for Burberry amongst other luxury brands and this is apparent in the production and fine finishing techniques they have perfected over a life time of working with cashmere.

Hong Kong has to be one of the most vibrant cities that I have ever been lucky enough to visit.  With over 7 million inhabitants this city was a complete contrast to our base in Orkney!  At first the imposing skyscrapers are overwhelming and the volume of people in small spaces was a real contrast to the open beaches and landscapes of home.  But Hong Kong is a city that uses its space wisely.  What they lack at ground level they make up for with beautiful rooftop spaces with amazing views of the city.  One attendee of the showcase told me that Hong Kong has a village mentality and from my short stay there I would agree with this.  Its a city that has a relaxed feel about it, its safe and very friendly.

If there is one thing I can say about this trip its that I was overwhelmed by the kindness and enthusiasm of everyone I met and that I hope that I can go back very soon.

A huge thank you to Scotland Redesigned for their organisation and for this amazing opportunity.

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