Mixter Maxter Menswear

Martin wearing our tweed flat scarf in charcoal/zinc

Written by Martin Turner.

I am originally from Orkney but I am now studying  fashion design at Heriot Watt University. I love my course it allows me to be creative and technical in the work that I do. We are taught not just how to design a garment but we are also how to make it from scratch. What I love about fashion is that you can show your personality through your style. I feel that what I wear really reflects my personality. I want to design and make clothes that make people feel like they are being their best self.

One of my favourite areas within fashion is knitwear. It is one of my favourite fabric to work with as it has a soft yet structured drape and the range of surface patterns that you can create is fascinating. I love the soft handle of Scottish lambswool.

I have worked with Mixter Maxter and watched this business grow over the past few years. I use my scarves all the time as they are so versatile.  I literally wear them with everything. The best part of Mixter Maxter’s knitwear is how warm and soft the products are.  I also love the variety of patterns, colours and styles.   There is something for everyone. My personal style is pretty subdued and I don’t often wear patterns however I love throwing on a Mixter Maxter scarf to add pattern and texture to an outfit.  I wear quite a monochromatic colour palette, because of this I bought all of my knitwear pieces in charcoal and white.  This allows me to  mix and match with key pieces in my wardrobe. One of my go to outfits is a pair of dark jeans and jumper with a tweed grey scarf. The scarf is the perfect touch to finish the outfit. Below are a couple of styling suggestions featuring the Cubes twist.



I love taking my scarfs on adventures with me it’s perfect for keeping the cold Orkney wind at bay. I can usually be seen walking around Orkney looking windswept with my camera in one hand and one of my scarves wrapped around my neck.

In the future I would love to set up my own fashion label.   That’s the long term plan but until then I would love to work with a brand designing and making garments. I really enjoy working in a team of creative people bouncing ideas off each other is the best.   

In July I’ll be heading off to Australia to compete at the 3rd world age group championships for Great Britain I’ll be around Australia for just over a month. I plan on doing some surfing while I’m there and potentially some snowboarding as I’ll be there in Australia’s winter and I’ve heard that Tasmania has some nice boarding routes. My Mixter Maxter Scarfs will definitely be making an appearance in Australia! Keep a look out on my Instagram to see where my knitwear and I will go.

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