Pom-pom social party with Age Scotland Orkney

Last week we piloted our latest charity collaboration with Age Scotland Orkney – our first Pom-Pom social Party.  Always keen to support and work with local charities, this year we wanted to help with more than a donation of money by volunteering our time and providing a social opportunity for those who also wanted to volunteer theirs.  We asked local groups to volunteer to learn a new skill, creating pom-poms while enjoying a get together.  The pom-poms created will be added to our new collection for sale later this year.  Part of the sale from each pom-pom product will be donated to Age Scotland Orkney.  Age Concern Orkney is a vital local service for the elderly, helping with everything from personal care, help around the home to helping prevent the isolation and loneliness often found in the elderly.

Making pom-poms.

It will come as no surprise that here at Mixter Master HQ we love Pom-poms!  Discovering the variety of design possibilities with just two small woollen circle has been a revelation! So we started to explore our options when adding to our new Brandit hat design, which will be available this Autumn 2017.  Keen to share this love of pom-poms and recruit potential makers for our charity collaboration pom-pom hats we looked to local groups who regularly meet to create crafts.  In exchange for helping us create our pom-poms, we would teach them possibilities in pom-pom making, how to use the latest pom-pom kits, provide tea, coffee and cakes plus provide the opportunity for us all to socialise, sharing stories and skills.

Pom-pom making whilst enjoying cakes.

Pom-Pom kits, home-bakes, and plenty of wool in hand we headed to Burray for our first Pom-pom social party excited to share our love of Pom-poms.  After initial introductions, we explained how their time would be going to benefit Age Orkney, a local charity which helps the elderly with everything from washing, cooking to even just a chat everyday to prevent the loneliness and help the elderly, with a donation from the sale of each pom-poms hat going to Age Orkney to help with such important services.

Making pom-poms.

Then it was onto making our pom-poms!  We started with introducing the pom-pom kits we would be using and creating a pom-pom using any kind of wool as an introduction to practice.  Once we had all got to grips with this, we started to experiments with stripes and dots in bold colours and a variety of yarn textures.  Interlude for pom-pom fuel with home-bakes and tea or coffees before we handed over our pom-poms kits we had already prepared based on a couple of pom-poms we were creating for our new Brandit hats.  Wool windings with each pom-pom half already set out for them to wrap in either a three ply or dot design.  Soon we had a room full of 40 or more pom-poms, empty cups and plates with lots of fun stories being shared.

Lots of lovely pom-poms made.

We would like to thank all the lovely ladies from Burray who came along to the Hall to learn, have fun and made some incredible Pom-Poms! We loved meeting you all & hope you all had as much fun as we did!

All of our pom-pom products will be announced on the 1st August, later this year and keep an eye out for more details on our pom-pom social parties coming soon!

I made your pom-pom. The first pom-pom social party group.

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