Sustainability and the Environment


Here at Mixter Maxter knitwear our design launches haven’t always fit the usual fashion calendar, fast-fashion or ever changing trends.

A lot of time and creative energy goes into hand making our designs – from paper to products.  Products that are not only functional, but add some colour to your everyday lives.  Coco Chanel once said – ‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.  Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’

Mixter Maxter knitwear believes in designs being about more than a trend and lasting longer than a season.  We value and respect the people who have mastered the skills to produce the highest standard of products and love seeing how our customers style them whether for daily life and on adventures.  As Chanel said, fashion does exist on the street and we see it as our job to create as bright & beautiful a world as possible.

The excitement we get from creating functional products that add colour & creativity to everyday life, is what fuels us to continue to create.  Combined with some of the worlds oldest fibres – naturally innovative Lambswool and Cashmere which are also one of the best ways to insulate the body.  When cared for properly Lambswool and Cashmere products will improve with age.  When they do reach the end of their product life, wool is 100% biodegradable and will add important nutrients back into the ground as it biodegrades and the cycle starts all over again.

Increasingly we are being reminded of our responsibility towards our environment with a wider awareness of plastic in particular focus at the moment and the effects it has on our oceans and coastlines.  Being based on Orkney and surrounded by the sea, we are all too aware of the beauty of our rural environment and the effects of pollution and plastic even in our remote community.  Last year we were involved in a collaboration with another local maker which involved ‘beach bruck’ as it is referred to locally and we were quite taken aback at the high amount of plastic collected from only a couple of our local beaches.  If we are seeing this here on Orkney, we can only imagine how this is affecting other communities and believe if everyone just took one small piece of responsibility towards our oceans and the Earth, how much we could improve them not just for us but for everyone including marine life, our natural resources and the future.  It’s great to see the awareness being shared and hopefully inspiring people to take action and become more conscious buyers.

The production of our knitwear collections is no different, hence we work solely with 100% Scottish lambswool with our collections created between the Scottish Islands of Orkney & Shetland.   Just over a year ago we also started our pompom project using up old ends of yarn.


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